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My name is Hannah, and I am a doula and farmer. The work that lights me up and makes me feel fulfilled is the work of nurturing the plants and animals so they can nourish the people and nurturing the people so they can nourish the next generation (hopefully a generation that will in turn be able to nurture the plants and the animals). I am passionate about supporting people in reclaiming their reproductive sovereignty, whatever that means to them. 

Read what reproductive sovereignty means to me here. 

I have been deeply attracted to the magic of pregnancy and birth for as long as I can remember, one of my most flipped-through books as a child was a book of photographs of in utero development. Since then, my amazement at just how intricate and incredible our bodies and reproductive systems are has only grown. My own journey with my fertility and the experiences of my friends have led me to seek out all the knowledge that I can find about the menstrual cycle, the anatomy of sexual pleasure, birth control, fibroids, endometriosis and PCOS,  abortion, pregnancy, birth, boobs, menopause, and everything connected to any of it. I dream of how the world could be transformed if everybody had this knowledge.

I am very interested in understanding the biology of our bodies' processes according to the best, most current evidence based understandings of scientific research, but I am also keenly aware that there is magic/spirit involved in sexuality, fertility, and reproduction in ways that we will never be able to study in a lab, and that other ways of knowing have been systematically denigrated in colonial culture. My approach to understanding and communicating about these things is grounded in how the body literally works and also has lots of space for taking into account people's spiritual, energetic, and experiential knowledge of the phenomena. I am also open to sharing my own subjective understandings and those inherited from my ancestors with those who are interested. Since I take a multi-disciplinary approach to understanding, I try to be very careful in my teaching and counselling to make sure that people know when I am saying something that is true for me based on my experience and inheritance versus when I am saying something that is (probably) true in general, based on the cumulative knowledge of scientific inquiry.  

It is my intention that through working with me - whether that be in my capacity as a birth doula, fertility awareness teacher, abortion support person, or companion for any other part of their womb journeys - my clients will receive support, information, and tools that will make a lasting positive impact on their relationship to their own bodies, and by extension their power, their families, and their communities. I strongly believe that autonomy, health, and pleasure are your birthrights. 

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