Labour Support

On the day you go into labour I will be there with you as soon as you request my presence and I will stick around until you ask me to leave, usually a couple of hours after the birth, once feeding is established.

I will bring tools and supplies to provide non-medical comfort measures and will work with your throughout your labour to follow your labour plan and modify it appropriately as the need arises. Hopefully, the relationship that we established in our prenatal visit(s) will help me to know what is most important to you about your birth and make specific suggestions to assist you in the ways that you need.

I will be there to support you and your birth partner in whatever ways you need/want. My aim is to facilitate your partner’s involvement in the birth in whatever way feels good for your family, and provide my knowledge and support to alleviate some of the pressures that can make it hard for partners to be emotionally present in the way the birther needs.

If you are giving birth in a hospital, I will provide support and guidance to ensure the best possible communication between you and your care team and I will strive to hold a space for you that is comfortable, personal, and safe, as these are necessary conditions for your body to produce oxytocin - the essential labour hormone.

Some people really want as few people as possible in their birth space, I totally understand this desire. If you want to rock birth by yourself or just with your family, I would be stoked to help out with the before and after, teaching your partner what they need to know and then staying out of your hair on the big day.