Holistic support for the entire reproductive life cycle.

I love walking with people through the wide diversity of experiences that come with having a womb. Periods, sex, birth control, trauma, pregnancy, birth, death, body dysmorphia, abortion, reproductive illness and dysfunction, menopause, baby feeding - I find all of it fascinating, beautiful, and deserving of the utmost respect and care. I know the science, a lot of it, and when you have questions I can't answer, I can do some research so we can learn together. I also know that biological facts are only one way of understanding and experiencing these phenomena, and I am happy to support your spiritual explorations or share my own.

No two people/families will receive the exact same type or quantity of support from me because everyone's needs are different. Listed here is an outline of the types of support I can provide for you, we will will tailor our work together to your individual needs and desires. Fees will be negotiated in our meet and greet interview based on the amount of support needed, your financial resources and whether you have benefits that could be used to hire me, and my operational costs. For the time being, I am occasionally willing to volunteer my time so that I may have as many learning experiences as possible. That said, I have invested heavily in my education and I've got bills to pay so I very much appreciate those who can afford it paying me what they can. The average cost of a birth doula in BC is between $950 and $1200. However, accessibility, decolonization, and reparations are of utmost importance to me and I am happy to offer low and no cost services to those who are dealing with systemic and cultural barriers to their health and well-being.

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Birth Preparation

Labour Support

Postpartum Support

Vaginal Steaming

Belly Binding