Vaginal Steaming

Vaginal Steaming, or Yoni Steaming, is a traditional healing modality that has historically been practiced by many cultures all around the globe. It has benefits for many stages of fertility, although many of these have not been extensively studied by the medical field. There has been recent clinical research conducted on the benefits for postpartum mamas/parents. The 2019 study found that "vaginal steaming has a positive impact on a number of postpartum healing indicators, including blood pressure, pulse, uterine restoration, reduction of weight and waist size, healing of tears, gapping and swelling, the expulsion of lochia, bowel regularity and hemorrhoid reduction" (Garza, K., Johnson, K., Lemus, R., and Phillips, Z.B, 2019).
You can read their entire report here: . You can also browse through their other research, including an interactive map they have created documenting evidence of vaginal steaming practices around the world. 

Really, you do not need my help to develop a vaginal steaming practice. One of the wonderful things about this practice is how simple, accessible, and safe it is. What I can do for you, if you are interested, is help you find the information you need, assemble the materials that you want to use, and create the space to actually do it in your day.